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Registration Loop Adj.: Adjusting the Paper Loop Amount in the Registration Roller

Adjust the paper loop amount in registration roller section. This adjustment is required when the output paper shows skew or wrinkles or when a paper jam occurs in the registration roller section.

Objects of Adjustment: Tray 1 Large Size to Tray 9 Large Size, Tray 1 Small Size to Tray 9 Small Size, ADU Large Size, ADU Small Size, ADU Plain/W Under 150 mm, ADU Thick/W Under 150 mm, Thick

Adjustment Range: -99 (Short) to +99 (Long) (1 step = 0.1 mm)

  1. Follow the procedure on Administrator Setting to display the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen.

  2. Press [System Setting] on the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen, and then press [Expert Adjustment], [Printer Adjustment], and [Registration Loop Adj.] in sequence.

    The [Registration Loop Adjustment] screen is displayed.

  3. Press the key of the item to be adjusted.

  4. Press [Print Mode].

    The [PRINT MODE] screen is displayed.

  5. Set A3 paper into the tray to be adjusted, select that tray and then press Start on the control panel.

    A sample pattern will be output.

  6. Check the sample pattern.

  7. If any adjustment is required, press [Exit PrintMode] to return to the [Registration Loop Adjustment] screen.

  8. Use the touch panel keypad or the keypad on the control panel to enter the setting data.

    • Use [+/-] to specify the value to be positive or negative.

    • Press [Set] to change the current value.

  9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 until the desired result is obtained.

  10. Press [Return] to return to the [Printer Adjustment Menu] screen.