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Creating a User Box (Image Controller IC-310/Image Controller IC-308)

Create a user box by registering the scan user using Fiery WebTools or Fiery Command WorkStation.

  • For details, refer to the user's guide supplied with Image Controller IC-310 or Image Controller IC-308.

  1. Click [Starting Configure] under the [Set] tab in Fiery WebTools.

    The [Configure] screen is displayed.

    • You can open the [Configure] screen by also clicking [Configure] under the [Device Center] tab in [Command WorkStation].

  2. Add a scan user on the [User and Group] screen, which you can access from [Configure].

    There are two ways.


    Add a user to an existing group.

    Select a group name and then click [Details Displayed] in the [User and Group] screen.

    Click [Add] in the [View Group Detail] screen.

    Click [Adding New] and then add a user on the [Adding Member] screen.

    • If you do not have a group registered, you can select [Scan User], which is the default group.


    Create a group and add a user to the group.

    Click [Create Group] in the [Users and Groups] screen.
    Create a group that has an access to the Fiery mail box. Then, follow the steps shown in 1).

  3. Check that the scan user is added to the group.

    The user name is used as the name of the user box when you register the user box as a destination on the touch panel.

    • The password is used when you download scan data from the user box.