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Creating a User Box (Image Controller IC-602)

Register a user box to save scan data on the HDD.

You can delete a user box or edit information of a user box from [Controller] under [Administrator Setting]. For details, refer to User Box Setting: Registering, Changing, and Deleting a User Box.

  1. Press [Controller] on the [MACHINE] screen.

  2. Press [Scan Setting].

  3. Press [New User Box Reg.].

  4. Press [Register].

  5. Press [Change] for User Box No.

  6. Enter a user box number, and then press [OK].

    • Choose a number from 000000001 to 999999998.

    Press [Return] to return to the [New User Box Reg.] screen.

  7. Press [Change] for Register Name.

  8. Enter a register name, and then press [OK].

  9. Press [Change] for Password.

  10. Enter a password, and then press [OK].

  11. Press [Register].

    A user box is created.

  12. Press [Close].