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Common Setting: Setting the Various Operations of the Machine

The following features can be provided by switching the selection.

Menu item


Setting options (with default bolded)

[One Shot Message Indication Time]

Select the time span to display a shot message, such as [Original size is A4], in the message area of the touch panel.

3 seconds, 5 seconds

[Offset by Job Unit]

Specify whether or not to offset the output sheets by job.


Also specify the number of jobs to be offset when selecting ON for this function (default: 1).

[Continuation Print]

Specify whether or not to output multiple reserve jobs in succession without stopping the machine at a job break.

Copy ON, Copy OFF, Printer ON, Printer OFF

[Stop Button Function]

Specify whether to pause or abort a job when Stop is pressed on the control panel.

Job Temp. Stop, Job Stop

[Back Side Magnification Adjustment]

Specify whether to enable the lens adjustment mode.


[Fusing Stability] (On switching the trays)

Select what to prioritize when fusing.

Best Quality, Better Quality, Speed

[Prior Paper Type]

Specify the temperature setting of the fusing section on standby. It can shorten the waiting time before printing by selecting a frequently used paper.

Others, Coated

[Dash Length (Page Stamp)]

Select the length of the dash to be used in a style of [Page No.] in [Stamp].

Long, Short

[Center Crop Mark Trim Margin]

Specify the space between the center crop mark and image area (center crop mark trim margin).

0.0 mm to 20.0 mm (default: 1.0)

[Schedule Cross Axis Unit (Default)]

Select the unit of horizontal axis on the [Schedule] screen.

Timetable, Time Frame (m), Sheet Volume

[Hold Job Status after Output (Default)]

Select the default value to delete or save the data of hold job after outputting.

Delete, Save

[Destination for HDD Recall (Default)]

Select the default destination for the job data recalled from the HDD.

Print, Hold, Print&Hold,

[Offset Output Mode]

Specify how to offset the output sets.

Change Out Pos., Partition Paper (Tray 1 to Tray 9, PI 1, PI 2), Stop Print

[Needless Tab Paper Exit]

Specify whether or not to automatically discharge the oddments of tabbed sheets loaded in a tray as a set for copy job.


[Remaining Memory (Measurement Unit)]

Select the unit of displaying the remaining memory.

%, GB

[Remaining Memory (Warning)]

Select the percentage at which to give warning when the remaining memory is low.

5 % or Less, 10% or Less

  • The "Dash Length(Page Stamp)" setting is enabled when Image Controller IC-602 is mounted.
    The Schedule Cross Axis Unit (Default) is displayed when Image Controller IC-602 is mounted.

  1. Follow the procedure on User Setting to display the [User Setting Menu] screen.

  2. Press [Common Setting] on the [User Setting Menu] screen.

  3. Press one option for each item.

    • This setting screen has 4 pages to go through. Use [Next] or [Previous] to scroll.

    • Selecting [ON] for [Offset by Job Unit] displays the [Offset by Job Unit] screen. Use the touch panel keypad to specify the number of jobs to be offset, then press [OK]. Available range is from 1 to 9,999.

  4. Press [OK] to complete the setting.

    • To cancel the change, press [Cancel].

    In either case, the screen returns to the [User Setting Menu] screen.