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Switch the Image Controller to Connect

Disconnect the image controller that is currently connected, and then connect with another image controller.

  • When there are unregistered settings for the image controller connecting currently connected, register those to the image controller or save those to the local/network computer, as required.

  • To connect with an image controller, the IP address and port number of the image controller are required. When the port number is unknown, find it in [JSP Setting] of the image controller.(default: 30081)

  • Confirm that the image controller can communicate.

  1. From the [File] menu on the Launcher screen, select [Connect Printer].

    The [Connect Printer] screen is displayed.

    • When the [Connect Printer] screen is displayed, the Launcher screen is not available.

  2. On the [Connect Printer] screen, select the image controller to connect with Color Centro and click [Connect].

    • If you click [Connect] while another message is displayed, the [Confirmation] message is displayed.

    • To cancel the setting operation and change the connecting image controller, select [OK].

    • To save the settings and change the connecting image controller, select [Cancel] and then return to Step 1 after completing the setting operation.