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Specify the Other Default Values

You specify default settings for other processes by using the [Optional Settings] tab on the [Color Default Settings] screen.

  1. Click the [Optional Settings] tab.

    The [Optional Settings] tab is displayed.

  2. When the individual setting of tone curve is enabled, select the adjustment method for Image and Text/Graphic.

  3. Select the target of Pure Black from [Pure Black].

  4. To use black overprint, check [Black Overprint].

  5. Select whether or not to use gray replacement, and if used, select the target from [RGB] and [CMYK].

  6. Select a setting of Composite Overprint from [Composite Overprint].

  7. To use spot color, check [Use Spot Color].

  8. To execute alternative color conversion, check [Use Alternative Color Conversion].

  9. To use embedded RGB profile, check [Use Embedded RGB Profile].

  10. To use embedded CMYK profile, check [Use Embedded CMYK Profile].

  11. To activate output intent of PDF/X, select [PDF/X output intent].