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Use Color Configuration Management

This is a recommended workflow which makes use of functions of Color Centro efficiently.

This workflow needs a colorimeter.

  1. Execute calibration by using a colorimeter, and then register the calibration data in the image controller.

    • The calibration is executed as preparation for creating a profile. Additionally, execute the calibration whenever correction is necessary with the passing of time.

  2. Adjust the color setting of the image controller using a profile set in Color Configuration Management function.

    • You can create or edit a profile, profile set and color configuration as needed.

By using Color Configuration Management you can create, edit, and manage profile sets and color configurations. 

Profile Set is a combination of the following:

- Paper information

- A collection of all profiles (9 types) that corresponds to one paper type

- Property information (created date, updated date, and so on)

Color Configuration is a combination of the following:

- Basic color setting information

- Tone curve setting information

-  A collection of multiple profile sets that corresponds to all paper types used for job output

- A default profile set

- A paper type default

You can easily select a profile set by using the function that automatically selects the most approximate profile set.

For details, refer to Image Quality: Registering the Color Configuration and Register a Color Configuration.