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Use Profile Management and Color Default Settings

This is a workflow which is to examine proper setting as setting the individual profile using functions of Color Centro.

This workflow needs a colorimeter.

  1. Execute calibration by using a colorimeter, and then register the calibration data in the image controller.

    • The calibration is executed as preparation for creating a profile. Additionally, execute the calibration whenever correction is necessary with the passing of time.

  2. Using the Profile Management function, create a profile.

  3. After selecting the created profile with the Color Default Setting function, set the default values of the image controller's color settings.

  4. Repeat above steps as needed.

After achieving the optimal color settings, use the Color Configuration Management function. By configuring a profile set or color configuration, you can efficiently attain color settings. When the optimal color settings are ready, proceed to the workflow in Color Management by Combining Functions.