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Specify Color Conversion

On the Customize Color Conversions screen, you can set the rendering intent.

  1. From [RGB-CMYK Conversion] - [Rendering Intent], select the rendering intent.

    • [Perceptual] is the setting that enables color reproduction using colors close to those before the conversion.

    • [Saturation] is the setting to represent the color which maintains as much as possible the brightness of the color which is before conversion.

    • When you make all contents of the setting on the screen the same content as recommended setting, click [Undo].

  2. Click [Confirmation Print] for the test printing.

    [Confirmation Print] screen appears.

  3. Click [Confirmation Print] for the test printing.

    • Click [Browse] to display the screen to select the image for printing.

    • Click [Select Tray] to display the screen to specify the tray used by confirmation printing.

    • From [Screen Setting], select the screen setting used by confirmation printing.

    • When you click [Cancel], [Confirmation Print] screen is closed to return to the Customize Color Conversions screen.

  4. Confirm the result of test printing.

  5. Click [Next].

    The screen for entering the profile name and comment is displayed.