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Use a Default Profile

This is the simplest workflow.

In this workflow, color setting is performed by using the profile pre-registered as factory default in the image controller.

  1. Set the default profile.

    • Use the profile registered into the image controller at factory shipping. If you create a new profile, a colorimeter is necessary.

    • The default profile is set by using Color Default Settings function or Color Configuration Management function.

  2. Execute the calibration.

    • If a scanner is mounted on this machine, you can use the scanner. If a scanner is not mounted on this machine, use a colorimeter.

    • For details about the Calibration function, refer to Calibration.

  3. Execute the fine adjustment using Tone Curve Adjustment function, Spot Color function, Alternative Color function, etc.

    • For details about the Spot Color function, refer to Spot Color.

  4. Repeat above steps as needed.


The color default settings which are set on this function are applied to the job without settings by the printer driver and to the direct printing job.