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Copy a Spot Color

You can duplicate the spot color within the same spot color table. When you adjust the spot color, original settings of the spot color is overwritten. When you want to save the current settings, make the duplication of it.

  1. Select the spot color to duplicate from the list on the [Spot Color] screen.

    The spot color name is displayed in [Color Name].

  2. Click [Copy].

    Displays the [COPY] screen.

    • When you select the multiple spot colors, [Copy] is not available.

  3. Enter [Color Name].
    Up to 31 one-byte characters can be used.

    • You cannot save the spot color of the same name with the spot color in the spot color table.

  4. Click [OK].

    The duplication of the spot color is generated in the spot color table.

    • To save the copied spot color, save the spot color table. For details about how to save the spot color table, refer to Save a Spot Color Table.