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Select a Colorimeter

This section describes how to select a colorimeter.

  • To use a colorimeter, install its device driver on your computer.

  1. On the menu of the [Calibration Manager] screen, select [Settings] - [Instrument]. Then, select [i1Pro], [i1Pro2 (M0)], [i1Pro2 (M1)], [i1Pro2 (M2)], [i1iSis No Filter], [i1iSis UV Cut], [FD-5BT (M0)], [FD-5BT (M1)], [FD-5BT (M2)], [i1iO], [Spectrolino], or [Spectroscan].

    • When G7 calibration is selected, [i1iO][Spectroscan], or [Spectrolino] are unavailable.