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Export from the Image Controller

You can export a CMYK target profile of the image controller to [Local], [My Documents], or [Network].

  1. Click [CMYK Target Profile] on [Profile Management] screen.

    • Similar operation can be done by selecting, on the [File] menu, [Profile Type] - [CMYK Target Profile].

  2. From the tree view, select [Controller].

    The list appears according to the selection.

  3. Select a CMYK target profile from the list.

    • When you reload the information of the image controller connected currently, select [File] menu - [Reload].

  4. Click [Export].

    The [Export] screen is displayed.

    • When you select the multiple CMYK target profiles, [Export] is not available.

    • When a folder other than [Controller] is selected on the tree view, [Export] is not available.

    • Similar operation can be done when you select [File] menu - [Export].

  5. Specify a destination and a file name, and then click [Save].

    The spot color table is exported to the destination.

    [Export] screen is closed to return to [Profile Management] screen.