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Color Configuration

A color configuration is a combination of the following:

- Basic color setting information

- Tone curve setting information

-  A collection of multiple profile sets that corresponds to all paper types used for job output

- A default profile set

- A paper type default

You can register multiple color configurations.

Register color configurations that are suitable for various cases.

You can apply color settings that correspond to all paper types used for job output just by selecting a color configuration.

Color Centro uses a database to manage color configurations.

In addition, the most appropriate profile set can be applied by using the function that automatically selects the most approximate profile set.

For details, refer to Image Quality: Registering the Color Configuration and Register a Color Configuration.

Basic Color Settings

Spot Color (ON/OFF)

Black Overprint (ON/OFF)

Alternative Color (ON/OFF)

RGB Simulation (ON/OFF)

Pure Black

(OFF, Text, Text/Graphic)

Gray Replacement (RGB)

(OFF, Text/Graphics, Text/Graphics/Image)

Gray Replacement (CMYK)

(OFF, Text/Graphics, Text/Graphics/Image)

Composite Overprint

(OFF, Speed, Picture Quality)

Tone Curve Information

Tone Curve (Image) (No Setting, a tone curve name)
Tone Curve (Text/Graphic) (No Setting, Same as Image, a tone curve name)