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Adjust a Spot Color Manually

You can adjust the CMYK values of the spot color on [Spot Color] screen. The adjustment result is reflected in the preview in a timely manner. The colors before and after adjustment can be printed for comparison.

To adjust the spot color manually, use [Spot Color] screen.

  1. Select a spot color from the list on the [Spot Color] screen. Specify CMYK values in [Manual Adjustment] - [C], [M], [Y], and [K] to apply to the spot color.

    According to the settings, the preview area of [Manual Adjustment] - [After Adjustment] and [After Adjustment] on the list are updated.

    • For each color, specify the value (from "0" to "100").

    • If you entered a value with second or later decimal place, the second decimal place is rounded and the value is displayed up to the first decimal place.

    • Similar operation can be done when you change the value of [C(%)], [M(%)], [Y(%)] and [K(%)] of the list on the [Spot Color] screen.

  2. Confirm the preview of [After Adjustment], and repeat Step 1 as required.

  3. Click [Test Print].

    [Confirmation Print] screen appears.

  4. Set the [Copies], [Paper Tray], and [Screen Settings].

    • In the Screen Setting, select the screen type to be used for printing.

  5. Click [Print].

    Test printing is executed.

  6. Confirm the test printing and repeat Step 1 to Step 5 as required.