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Start Color Centro Profiler

You can edit the RGB-CMYK device link profile by using Color Centro Profiler.

  1. Click [RGB-CMYK Device Link Profile] on [Profile Management] screen.

    • You can also click the [File] menu - [Profile Type] - [RGB-CMYK Device Link Profile].

  2. From the tree view and the list, select the RGB-CMYK device link profile to edit.

    • When you reload the information of the image controller connected currently, select [File] menu - [Reload].

  3. Click [Adjust].

    A wizard is started and the [Confirmation of procedure] screen is displayed.

    •  To edit a CMYK-CMYK device link profile 
       The [Select Operation of adjusting CMYK-CMYK Device Link Profile] screen is displayed.
       Select [Execute "Point Color Adjustment/Profile Curve Adjustment"].  
       Click [Next].
       The [Operation steps] screen is displayed.

  4. Confirm the contents, click [Next].

    [Point Color Adjustment/Profile Curve Adjustment] screen is displayed.