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Execute Measurement Feedback

You can execute the measurement feedback per CMYK object (CMYK Image, CMYK Graphic and CMYK Text).

It is executed on the [Measurement Feedback] screen.

  • To use a colorimeter, install its device driver on your computer.

  • Patterns of charts and available sizes of paper vary among types of colorimeters.

  • According to the colorimeter, operations differ. For details, refer to the user's guide of the selected colorimeter.

  1. Click [Adjust] of the CMYK object to execute the measurement feedback.

    [Feedback] screen is displayed.

  2. Click [Measure].

    [Measurement] screen appears.

  3. Select a colorimeter from [Instrument].

    According to the selection, the chart image appears on the upper-right of the screen.

    • [i1iSis (UV Filer)] returns the measurement result with the UV cut filter.

  4. Specify the copy number of the chart outputting to [Copies].

  5. Click [Output] to print the chart.

  6. Click [Start] to start the measurement.

    • An operation screen for the colorimeterĀ appears. Follow the instructions on the windows that follow.

    • The current position of measurement appears on the chart image of the upper-right of the screen.

    • If you measure a wrong line, a warning message appears. You can select either to try again with the correct line or to proceed to the next line.

    • To stop the measurement, click [Stop].

    • After the acquirement of measurement data, [Save the Result] becomes available.

    • The value of each patch appears in the measurement result list.

  7. Click [Save the Result] after completing the measurement.

    [Save As] screen appears.

  8. Specify the saving place and file name, and click [Save].

    [Measurement] screen returns after saving the measurement result file.

  9. Click [OK].

    [Feedback] screen returns.

    On [Feedback] screen, the measurement data is displayed.

  10. Click [Execute Feedback].

    Profile is calculated.

    After completing calculation, [Measurement] screen appears.

  11. Repeat from Step 4 to Step 9.

    On [Feedback] screen, the new measurement data is added.

    The attained level which indicates the improvement of the accuracy is displayed on [Attained Level].

    • The attained level is indicated in 3 levels. The maximum level of the attained level is indicated as "".

  12. Confirm [Attained Level] and repeat the operation from Step 10 to Step 11 up to the target level.

    On [Feedback] screen, the new measurement data is added.

    • You can repeat these operations 8 times at the maximum.

    • When you reach the maximum level and click [Execute Feedback], the warning screen is displayed. When you execute the feedback, click [OK]. When you finish the feedback, click [Cancel].

  13. Confirm [Attained Level] is reached to the target level, and select the number of the feedback (n times) which acquires the value to adopt for profile from [Measurement Feedback to Apply].

  14. Click [OK].

    [Feedback] screen is closed to return to the [Measurement Feedback] screen.

  15. Repeat from Step 1 to Step 14 for other CMYK objects.

    The [Measurement Feedback] screen returns.

  16. Click [Confirmation Print] for the test printing.

    [Output Chart] screen is displayed.

  17. Set the Output Chart settings and click [Print].

    • On the screen displayed by clicking [Select Tray], select the tray to be used for chart output.

    • From [Screen Setting], select the screen setting to be used for chart output.

    • When you select [Cancel], the [Output Chart] screen closes and the screen returns to the [Measurement Feedback] screen.

  18. Confirm the result of test printing and click [Next].

    The Complete Profile Set screen appears.