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Functions of Color Centro

Color Centro ensures appropriate color printing on the main body by managing colors with Image Controller IC-602.

Color Management with Color Centro is comprised of the following 7 items:

Color management items of Color Centro


Color Adjustment (Density Adjustment)

(1) Calibration

You can create data to adjust a color shade by measuring the output condition of this machine using a colorimeter.

(2) Tone Curve Adjustment

You can adjust the color tone by editing the output values for CMYK density input values.

RIP (Color Conversion)

(3) Spot Color

You can adjust the color shade of a spot color (spot color or named color) with density of CMYK.

(4) Alternative Color

You can adjust the color shade of a specific RGB color or a specific CMYK color with density of CMYK.

(5) Profile Management

You can manage device profiles.

You can copy, create, edit, import, and export profiles.

(6) Color Default Settings

You can check and change the default values in the color settings.

(7) Color Configuration Management

You can create and edit color configurations and profile sets.

The Color Centro version is upgraded along with the image controller version.

Use the Color Centro version that corresponds with your image controller.

If the Color Centro version does not correspond with that of the image controller, Color Centro cannot be connected with the image controller.

In such a case, an error message is displayed.

If this error message is displayed, contact your service representative.