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Items on the List

The items displayed on the [Confirm all registrations] screen are as follows.
For paper types that are grouped in Calibration Group, the list displays a date and time that are the same as the ones of the representative paper type of their group.



[Current Screen Settings]

Displays a real screen name that is associated with the screen type that is selected in [Screen Settings].


Displays paper types that is for the screen that is selected in [Screen Settings].

[Screen Settings]

Screen name that is used by the engine at the time of registering the calibration data.
If you select [Custom] or nothing in [Screen Settings], this column displays "-."

[Registration time (Calibration)]

Date/Time when the calibration data was registered. This indicates date and time in blue for scan calibration and in black for calibration by using a colorimeter. If no data is registered, " - " is displayed.

[Date Stored]

Date/Time when the adjustment data of advanced controller calibration (Exact Color or G7 calibrationa) was registered. If no data is registered, " - " is displayed.