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Spot Color

The spot color is called a special color, meaning the color with a specific name. In general, the name of the ink provided by the ink manufacturer becomes a name of the spot color.

In the image controller, the spot color tables, such as [CF], [DIC], [HKS], and [PANTONE], are registered at factory shipping.

Within the spot color table, each spot color and the definition values of it are stored. The definition values are used to output after converting the spot color specified by the application to CMYK.

Use of the Spot Color Adjustment function of Color Centro enables you to create a new spot color table, and copy and edit existing spot color tables.

By this function, to replace the spot color which is specified by the application with CMYK values which Color Centro defines is enabled and the outputting is executed.

For details, refer to Spot Color Screen and Operate on the Spot Color Screen.