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Color Management on this Machine

There are two types of color management on the machine: the machine color management which do not require an image controller and the Color Centro color management which uses the image controller utility, Color Centro.

Color management on the main body is output adjustment mainly for paper.

The Color Centro color management performs adjustments on RIP (Color Conversion), density and other adjustments across the entire system. You can perform the color management by connecting to the image controller via network.

By using Color Centro, you can manage colors on the following 7 screens:

  • [Calibration Manager] Screen

  • [Tone Curve Adjustment] Screen

  • [Spot Color] Screen

  • [Alternative Color Management] Screen

  • [Profile Management] Screen

  • [Color Default Settings] Screen

  • [Color Configuration Management] Screen

On the [Calibration Manage] screen, you can measure the printing condition of this machine using a colorimeter and create calibration data. Adjust the color tone based on the data created. For details about calibration, refer to Types of Calibration.

On the [Tone Curve], [Spot Color], and [Alternative Color Management] screens, you can adjust color shades individually. For details about the adjustment of individual color shades, refer to Adjustment for Individual Color Shades.

On the [Profile Management] screen, you can manage the color conversion settings in profiles. For details about profile management, refer to Profile Management.

On the [Color Default Settings] screen, you can check and change the default values in the color settings. For details about color default settings, refer to Color Default Settings.

On the [Color Configuration Management] screen, you can manage the color configurations and profiles. For details about color configuration management, refer to Color Configuration Management.