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Auto Paper: Selecting Paper Size Automatically

Auto Paper detects the original size and automatically selects and feeds copy paper of the same size (x1.0 magnification mode), or selects an appropriate size according to the magnification ratio selected (Zoom mode).

  • [Auto Paper] is incompatible with [Auto Zoom], while Image Rotation is available.

  • [Auto Paper] does not select the tray of the size specified as [Custom].

  1. Press Reset on the control panel. If the machine is equipped with the ADF, close the ADF securely before pressing Reset.

    • In the default setting, [Auto Paper] is automatically selected.

  2. Position the original.

    The tray loaded with an appropriate paper size is selected automatically.

    • A message prompts you that an appropriate size cannot be found in any tray. In this case, load paper of the size referred in the message.