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Overview of Sample Print

This function can be used to output an image, which is the same as the image currently being printed, to the secondary (sub) tray of the finisher and to check the quality of the printed image at that time.

The image quality cannot be checked during the output job when [Perfect Bind], [Fold & Staple], or [Staple] is set in the Output Setting and when outputting to the stacker of Large Capacity Stacker LS-506. However, this function allows you to check the image quality during the output job.

  • Sample Print is available only on the machine mounted with Image Controller IC-602.


  • If [Restriction for Sample Print] is set to [Restrict] in Utility Menu, Sample Print is unavailable. Contact your administrator.

  • Print paper in the current paper tray is used for Sample Print. Paper loaded in another tray cannot be used for Sample Print.

  • Sample Print is unavailable when the paper tray is the post inserter tray or the cover tray of Perfect Binder PB-503.

  • Sample Print is unavailable when print paper is tab paper.

  • Sample Print is unavailable when both sides of the original document or original data are blank.

  • Sample Print is unavailable when print sheets cannot be ejected to the secondary (sub) tray.

  • When printing to the secondary (sub) tray, switchover to another secondary (sub) tray may be possible for Sample Print. For details, contact your service representative.

  • The output mode is the same as that for output images, excluding output settings.

  • The print count for Sample Print is to be made normally except for the following cases.

Counter name

Counter ON/OFF


[User Counter] in [User Authentication Setting]

Comply with the administrator setting.

Administrator setting allows you to specify whether or not to count the sample prints. For details, refer to Authentication Method: Setting the Authentication Conditions.

[Account Track Counter] in [Account Track]

Sample Print provides the following two methods.



[Execute Sample Print]

When you want to check the quality of printed image during a print job, press [Execute Sample Print] located in the upper part of the [MACHINE] screen to manually make a sample print.

[Sample Print Setting]

To set Sample Print in advance, press [Sample Print Set.] located in the lower part of the [MACHINE] screen. With this function set, the machine automatically delivers a sample print in specified cycle during the output job.