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Positioning the Original on Original Glass

Use the original glass for originals that cannot be loaded in the ADF or for copy conditions not suitable for use with the ADF.

Unsuitable ADF originals

Curled, wrinkled, or folded

Paste-ups or cutouts


OHP transparencies, art paper, or cellophane paper

Double-folded, paper with many holes or staples

Thick paper that is hard to bend or thin paper such as letter paper for air mail

Specifications of originals for using original glass

Detectable original sizes:
Metric [Table 1]:
A3 , B4 *1, A4 /, B5 /*1, A5 , 8K , 16K /
Metric [Table 2]:
A3 , B4 , A4 /, B5 /, A5 , 11 17 , 8.5 14 *2, 8.5 11 /, 5.5 8.5 , 8K , 16K /, Foolscap*2*3
Inch [Table 1]:
11 17 , 8.5 14 , 8.5 11 /, 5.5 8.5
Inch [Table 2]:
A3 , B4 *1, A4 /, B5 /*1, A5 , 11 17 , 8.5 14 *2, 8.5 11 /, 5.5 8.5 , Foolscap*2*3

*1: Detects B series of JIS standard sizes. B series of ISO standard sizes cannot be detected.

*2: With [Table 2] specified, Foolscap can be detected while 8.5 14 cannot be detected. The machine can be set to detect both Foolscap and 8.5 14 . Contact your service representative.

*3: Foolscap refers to 8.5 13 , 8.25 13 , 8.12 13.25 , 8 13 .

  • This size can be detected if [Table 2] is selected in [Administrator Setting] in the Utility menu - [System Setting][Size Setting] - [Detect Original Size on Original Glass].

  • Do not place too heavy originals. Do not press thick originals hard. The original glass may be broken and you may be injured.

Positioning the Original

Use the original glass when the original is not suitable for use with the ADF, e.g., when size is incompatible, or when the original is folded, stapled, torn, or in generally poor condition.

  1. Open the ADF.

  2. Position the original FACE DOWN to align its corner with the left rear corner.

    Set the original in the same direction as that of the original direction icon displayed on the COPY screen.

    • Set originals in the same direction as that of the original set direction icon on the screen; otherwise the copy result may not be satisfactory. Especially when using 2-sided mode, Staple, Fold & Staple, Multi Half-Fold or Booklet, pay special attention for direction of the original. For details about the Scan Settings screen, refer to Direction: Setting Direction of Original.

    • With No Image Area Erase selected in the Application setting, the ADF should be kept open while scanning the original.

  3. Gently close the ADF to prevent the original from shifting on the glass.