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Folding the Printed Paper

Copies are folded in this mode.

Follow the procedure below to select the desired one from six fold types.

  • Fold types: [Z-Fold], [Tri-Fold-in], [Tri-Fold-out], [Double Parallel], [Gate], [Half-Fold]

  1. Position the original.

  2. Press the [COPY] tab to display the [COPY] screen.

  3. Press [Output Setting].

    The [Output Setting] screen is displayed.

  4. Press [Fold] under [Output].

    The [Fold] screen is displayed.

  5. Select the desired fold type.

    • Select the desired one from the keys under [Fold Type].

    • Press either [Outside Print] or [Inside Print] provided under [Print Side] to select the print side.

    • The print side selection is unavailable for [Z-Fold] mode.

  6. Press [OK].

    • To resume the previous setting, press [Cancel]. To cancel the function with the current setting saved, press [Function OFF].

    The screen returns to the [Output Setting] screen.

  7. Press [OK] on the [Output Setting] screen.

    An icon representing specified function is displayed under [Output Setting] on the [COPY] screen.

    • The trays have a limit in capacity. Be careful not to exceed the limit, otherwise unexpected trouble may be caused. For details, refer to Paper Capacity Available for Use.