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Overview of [COPY] Screen

The [COPY] screen is displayed when you make a copy. This screen allows you to select the desired copy conditions, print, and reserve jobs.





[Original Setting]

Displays the [Original Setting] screen which allows you to set conditions of the original to be copied. [Direction] keys provided under the [Original Setting] screen can also be used to select the direction of the original. The following types of icons appear under [Original Setting].
•Displays an icon for the direction of the original specified in [Direction].
•Displays an icon for the function that is specified in [Type].
•Displays a text for the function that is specified in [Special].
•When you select [Custom] or [Tab Paper] in [Original Size], the selected size is displayed.
•Sets the function to remove dust on the slit scan glass when the original, running through the ADF, is scanned on it. For details, contact your service representative.


[Quality Adj.]

Displays the [Quality Adjustment] screen to adjust the quality of output images. A maximum of 3 manually specified quality adjustment items are displayed under [Quality Adj.]. A maximum of 4 shortcut keys for frequently used quality adjustment functions are displayed under [Quality Adj.].


[Auto Zoom]

Highlighted when [Auto Zoom] is on. And pressed when using the Auto Zoom function.



Displays the [Zoom] screen for setting [x1.0], [Auto Zoom], [Vert./Horiz.], [Enlarge], [Reduce], and [Set Zoom Ratio]. Keys below [Zoom] on the [COPY] screen can be used for specifying [Set Zoom Ratio], [x1.0], and [Auto Zoom].


Zoom setting button

To set the [Vert./Horiz. Zoom] ratio, press [-][+]. To select the same magnification (100 %), press [x1.0]. To select [Set Zoom Ratio], press a button on which set zoom ratio is displayed.


[COPY] tab

Displays the [COPY] screen to perform copy operations.


Set Number indicator

Indicates the print quantity entered from the keypad on the control panel.



Selects the Simplex/Duplex copy mode.
If the original is not positioned, the Duplex button may not be displayed.



Displays the [Application] screen to select application functions. A maximum of 5 icons for set application functions are displayed under [Application]. A maximum of 4 shortcut keys for frequently used application functions are displayed under [Application].


[Output Setting]

Displays the [Output Setting] screen to select the [Bind Direction] and [Face/Order], and to set the [Output]. Set output settings are displayed as icons in the area under [Output Setting]. A maximum of 4 shortcut keys for frequently used output functions are displayed under [Output Setting].


Alarm Sound/Sound

Selects whether or not to ring all alarm sounds/sounds.



Displays the help message which provides information on the screen currently displayed. Depending on the screen, the help key may be grayed out and cannot be selected. Press in the [MACHINE] screen to display instructions about how to replace toners, replace waste toner boxes, load paper, add staples, dispose scraps of staples, punches, and trims, supply glue pellets, and supply water to the humidifier tank.


Output information indicator

The upper part shows the print quantity of the current print job and set quantity. The lower part shows the job number of the current print job and a user name (when a user name is entered for user authentication) or a section name (when a section name is entered for section authentication).


Machine management information indicator

Displays original print count and the number of reserved jobs (unit: number), and the remaining amount of memory and the file system (unit: %).
The remaining amount of memory can also be displayed in GB.


Tray information indicator

Displays paper size, direction, paper name, paper weight, remaining amount of paper, paper color, punched/not punched, and Both Sides Adjust set to Paper Feeder Unit PF-707 or Paper Feeder Unit PF-708.


[Auto Paper]

This key is highlighted when the [Auto Paper] function operates. And pressed when using the [Auto Paper] function.


Machine status indicator/right

Displays [Toner], [PM Call], [ADF Clean], [Drum/Dev.], [Security], [Modem Err], [ORU-M], [Rotation]. Up to 4 indicators can be displayed in large size. When 5 or more indicators are displayed, small icons without texts will substitute for the indicators from the 5th and onward. The maximum number of items displayed is a total of 7, including 3 normal-size icons and 4 small-size icons. [Fuser A] and [Fuser B] may be displayed depending on the settings. For details, contact your service representative.


[Image Rotation OFF]

Activates/Deactivates the Image Rotation function.




[Paper Setting]

Sets paper conditions for Paper Feeder Unit PF-707, Paper Feeder Unit PF-708, upper tray and lower tray of Post Inserter PI-502, upper tray and lower tray of post inserter mounted on Folding Unit FD-503, and cover tray of Perfect Binder PB-503.


Machine status indicator/left

Displays the current time or the status of the image controller.


[Hold Setting]

Saves jobs to be copied as hold jobs.


Color setting keys

Selects one for color mode from [Single Color], [Black], [Full Color], or [Auto Color].


Direction keys

Selects the direction of the original placed on ADF or the original glass.


[Separate Scan]

Temporarily saves the scanned image information of originals to be copied in memory. This button is used for printing multiple originals that are scanned separately at one time.


Message area

Displays messages concerning the current status of the machine, prohibited matters at the time, or required operations.