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Managing the Perfect Binder PB-503 and Glue Pellets

To ensure safety and product reliability, observe the precautions for using Perfect Binder PB-503 and glue pellets.

NEVER touch the thermally melted glue.

  • The thermally melted glue is very hot. If you touch them, you may get burned. Handle thermally melted hot glue only with great care. If you need to clean or replace thermally melted glue, contact your service representative.

Precautions for the perfect binder

  • Use only the Glue Chip GC-501 for this binder.

  • When you do not use the perfect binder, be sure to turn the heater switch OFF to prevent the deterioration of glue. It is recommended that you adjust the time settings for the low power mode and shut-off mode of the machine to suit the usage of the Perfect Binder PB-503, since they apply to the binder as well.

  • Do not overload the glue hopper with glue pellets.

  • Do not touch the lever in the glue hopper with your hand. It may cause machine trouble.

Precautions for glue pellets

  • Glue pellets are not edible. Do not put them in your mouth nor swallow them.

  • Keep glue pellets out of reach of children.

  • Store glue pellets in dark, cool indoors, avoiding direct sunlight or exposure to water.
    The storage temperature is between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

  • Glue pellets may become degraded by such products as common oils, organic solvents, solvents used in ink formulations, or volatile fragrances. Such degradation may cause deterioration in adhesiveness, resulting in poor binding performance.