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Removing Finished Sets from the Stacker Tray

Large Capacity Stacker LS-506 can hold 5,000 printed sheets at maximum (2,000 sheets for coated paper of Widthwise 148 mm to 194 mm / 5.83" to 7.64", B5, and A5) in the stacker tray.

Follow the procedure below to take out paper from the stacker tray.

  1. Press the paper removal button.

    The stacker tray unit moves down to the carriage.

  2. Open the large capacity stacker door.

    • Once the stacker tray holds a sheet of output paper, the large capacity stacker door is locked and cannot open till the stacker tray unit goes down fully to the carriage.

  3. Withdraw the carriage by holding its handle.

    • Be sure to withdraw the carriage straightforward. Do not change the direction forcibly while driving the carriage. The carriage is for the exclusive use of carrying paper. Do not drive it in any other use. Never put yourself in the large capacity stacker.

  4. Remove paper from the carriage.

    The stacker tray unit can be removed from the carriage.

    • Once lowering the stacker tray unit for the purpose of removing jammed paper or checking printed paper, copying cannot be started till printed paper is removed. If the carriage is returned with any sheets left on the stacker tray unit, machine trouble may be caused. Be sure to remove all the sheets.

  5. Return the carriage to its original position, then close the large capacity stacker front door.

    • When returning the stacker tray unit to its original position, fit the two projections of the carriage to the two holes of the stacker tray unit. If the stacker unit is not properly set, the carriage cannot be returned to its original position.