User Setting: Change Password

Users can change the password that an administrator has been set in combination with a user name (user password). The password changed in this setting is used in the user authentication.

  • Password change is available on the machine if the user authentication is configured.

  • To change the password, the correct user name and the current password are required. You can change the password only; user name cannot be changed here. The password paired with an account name (account password) cannot be changed.

  1. Follow the procedure on Displaying the [User Setting Menu] Screen to display the User Setting Menu screen.

  2. Press Change Password on the User Setting Menu screen.

  3. Press User Name, then enter the registered user name. Press OK.

  4. Press Current Password, then enter the current password. Press OK.

  5. Press New Password, then enter a new user password. Press OK.

    • supplementary explanationYou may enter up to 64 one-byte characters for the user password.

  6. Press Input Confirmation to reenter the new password. Press OK.

  7. Press OK to complete the setting.

    • supplementary explanationTo cancel the change, press Cancel. In either case, the screen returns to the User Setting Menu screen.