General Inquiries

Q. Is there a function to check finishing, such as sample output or a trial printing?

A. Yes.
You can check finishing in the setting of the printer driver.

When using the PS Plug-in Driver, refer to [Workflow] Screen.
When using the PPD Driver, refer to [Advanced Options] Window.

Q. After jobs have been merged, if the source job setting is changed, is it applied to the destination job?

A. The changed setting is not applied to the destination job.
When jobs are merged, they are stored as a new hold job.

Q. Is any setting required to create the hot folder on the desktop?

A. Set Hot Folder Setting to Enable.

For details, refer to Hot Folder Setting.

Q. The displayed number of pages of a job is different from the actual one in some cases. In which cases does this difference occur?

A. Inserted blank paper or tab paper that has not been printed on is not counted, so the displayed number of pages may be different from the actual number.

Q. What is the password of the administrator mode for Web Connection?

A. For details about the default administrator password, refer to Safety Information.

If you cannot log in with the default password, contact the administrator of this machine.

Q. Can I print the Users Guide?

A. Yes, you can.
You can print the selected page or displayed page.

For details, refer to Page printing.

Q. Where can I check the IP address of the machine?

A. You can select Administrator Setting on the control panel or output a report to check the IP address.

When you check the IP address in Administrator Setting, click Administrator Setting - Network Setting - NIC Settings - TCP/IP Setting.
When you output a report, you can also check various protocol settings and setting information.
For details, refer to Output a Report for Check.

Q. Can I use a hot folder on another computer?

A. By setting a hot folder as a share folder, you can use it from a computer on the network.

For details, refer to Copying a File to the Hot Folder for Printing.