WebDAV Settings

Configure an environment of usage for WebDAV transmission (such as Scan to WebDAV) or usage of WebDAV server functionality provided to this machine.

Menu Item/Description

Setting Items/Options (with default bolded)

WebDAV Client Settings

The scanned original data can be sent to the WebDAV server. The settings described in this section are always required if you want to use the Scan to WebDAV.


Proxy Server Address

Host Name Input

Up to 253 one-byte characters can be used. *1

IPv4 Address Input (0 to 255)

Ipv6 Address Input

0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0

Proxy Server Port Number

1-65535 (8080)

User Name

Up to 63 one-byte characters can be used.


Up to 63 one-byte characters can be used.

Chunk Transmission


Connection Timeout

5 to 300 (60) (sec.)

Server Auth. Character Code

UTF-8, Windows Code Page

Certificate Verification Level Settings

Expiration Date

Confirm, Do Not Confirm

Key Usage

Confirm, Do Not Confirm


Confirm, Do Not Confirm

Expiration Date Confirmation

Confirm, Do Not Confirm


Confirm, Do Not Confirm

WebDAV Server Settings

This machine can be used as a WebDAV Server, and it can be linked to an application that operates as the WebDAV client.


SSL Setting

Non-SSL Only, SSL Only, SSL/Non-SSL*2

Password Setting

Password Setting


You can enter up to 64 one-byte characters.

Initial Password


Up to 253 one-byte characters including periods can be entered for the host name.

To enter 64 characters or more, you need to use periods (.) to separate the characters.


To display SSL Only and SSL/Non-SSL in SSL Setting, configure the following setting from Web Connection.