Line Detection(Front Side)

Set the detection level of white lines on Side 1, warning display, and whether or not to stop the scanning of the original using ADF.

  1. Follow the procedure on Displaying the [Administrator Setting Menu] Screen to display the Administrator Setting Menu screen.

  2. Press System Setting on the Administrator Setting Menu screen, and then press Expert Adjustment, ADF Adjustment, and Line Detection(Front Side) in sequence.

    The Line Detection Setting(Front Side) screen is displayed.

  3. Select the desired detection level from the keys under Detection Level.

  4. From the keys under Warning Display, select the warning to be displayed when white lines are detected.

  5. From the keys under Scan Prohibit Set., set whether or not to restrict scanning when white lines are detected.

  6. Press OK to complete the setting.

    • supplementary explanationTo cancel the change, press Cancel. In either case, the screen returns to the ADF Adjustment Menu screen.