Functions of the Job Centro

This section describes the overview and operating environment of Job Centro.
Job Centro is a utility in Image Controller IC-604 which provides the print function of this machine.

For details about the operating environment, refer to Operating environment.

Job Centro is the application used for job management of the printing system.

Job Centro includes three major functions.

One of the chief functions is to acquire the device information, such as the status of the machine, the consumables, and the tray information. From this information, you can confirm the status of the main body easily on your computer.

The second is to display and manage jobs. The job list of Job Centro enables the monitoring of a print job, a copy job, and a scan job, and the operation of a print job.

The third is the hot folder function used to manage and edit a hot folder.

The monitoring range of Job Centro is so wide that you can monitor from receiving of job data in the image controller to outputting of job and also you can check active jobs, hold jobs, secure jobs, and HDD jobs. Using Job Centro, you can also operate these jobs being within the range mentioned above. In addition, you can use the job editing and the page editing functions of Job Centro to edit jobs in the Hold queue of the machine.