Selecting Major Finishing Adjustments from Images

This machine offers many detailed adjustment functions.

Read the explanation for each item and execute the appropriate adjustment.

About Image Quality

  • By using Color Centro, you can make various adjustments to the image quality. Use functions, such as calibration to maintain good image quality, spot color and alternative color registration, and color configuration for more efficient color output setting, according to the job.

Overview of Both Sides Adjustment

  • You can adjust the misalignment on the front and back sides of the print. This machine provides more useful adjustment methods depending on the mounted optional devices in addition to the method for moving the entire print range or changing the horizontal and/or vertical magnification (Zoom or Image Shift adjustment).

About Book Spread Printing

  • You can adjust the margin of the gutter of a book spread page.

About Stapling

  • You can adjust the staple position for stapled booklets and adjust the misalignment of papers in a stacked paper set.

About Punching

  • You can adjust the misalignment or tilt of the punch hole positions.

About Booklet

  • You can adjust a booklet's folding position, staple pitch, and staple center position.

About Perfect Bind

  • You can adjust the misalignment, curves, and sheet protrusions in perfect-bound books. Six adjustment methods are available.

About Folding

  • You can adjust the fold position for Z-folding, tri-fold-in, and gate folding. For gate folding, the positions of all three folds can be adjusted separately.