ErP Setting

The ErP Setting function automatically turns the main power switch OFF when the main power switch is ON and the machine remains in any of the following conditions for a certain period of time:

•The sub power switch is OFF.
•Auto Shut OFF is activated.
•Auto Low Power is activated.

Select the period of time after which the ErP Setting function is activated. Select Do Not Switch to deactivate the ErP Setting function.

Options: Do Not Switch, 12 Hours, 24 Hours, 36 Hours, 48 Hours, 60 Hours, 72 Hours

  • ErP Setting is grayed out to show that it is not available on a machine with the Weekly Timer ON/OFF Setting set to Weekly Timer ON.

  1. Follow the procedure on Displaying the [Administrator Setting Menu] Screen to display the Administrator Setting Menu screen.

  2. Press System Setting on the Administrator Setting Menu screen, and then press Power Save Setting and ErP Setting in sequence.

    The ErP Setting screen is displayed.

  • supplementary explanationFor subsequent operations, follow the same procedure as that in User Setting - System Setting - Power Save Setting - ErP Setting. For details, refer to [ErP Setting].