Password Rules Setting

Select whether or not to enable the password rules.
Selecting Enable sets the machine to accept passwords specified more strictly than usual, according to the password rules as described below.

Password rules
The number of one-byte characters for a password is limited (8 characters or more). Any password becomes unavailable to be set with less than 8 characters, even though having been accepted with less than 8 characters. In addition, passwords that consist only of the same character are not allowed (example: aaaaaaaa). The following passwords are subject to the password rules:

Administrator password
User password
Account password
HDD Store/Folder password
Password to be set for a hold job (Secure Print) or for an HDD Store job
Password to be set in Scan Setting/registering a user box
Various passwords in SNMP Setting

Alphabetical characters should be used in a case-sensitive manner.
Only one-byte symbols can be used.

  1. Follow the procedure on Displaying the Quick Security Setting Menu Screen to display the Quick Security Setting Menu screen.

  2. Press Password Rules Setting on the Quick Security Setting Menu screen.

  3. Select either Enable or Disable.

    • supplementary explanationIf you press Enable with the condition that the default administrator password is kept unchanged or the administrator password does not comply with the rules, a dialog is displayed to reject the selection. Change the administrator password to comply with the rules. For details, refer to [Administrator Password].

  4. Press OK to complete the setting.

    • supplementary explanationTo cancel the change, press Cancel. In either case, the screen returns to the Quick Security Setting Menu screen.