Alternative Colors (CMYK -> CMYK)


You can use Color Centro to register a new alternative color. By enabling the alternative color setting of the printer driver when printing, you can print using alternative colors.

This section introduces how to register the following alternative color for the original CMYK color and how to print upon replacing the color.

• Original color: C=100 / M=95 / Y=0 / K=30

• Alternative color: M=100 / Y=100 (red)

  • The example in this section is for cases where the original color is a CMYK color. If the color to be replaced is an RGB color, refer to Alternative Colors (RGB -> CMYK).

Using sample data (sample B), you can check the procedure during the actual operation.

• Meaning and Purpose of Alternative Colors

With the image controller, you can replace any given RGB color or CMYK color with another predefined CMYK color (alternative color) for printing. The original color and the corresponding alternative color are defined in an alternative color table.

Using Color Centro, you can create, register and edit new alternative colors.

Alternative colors are primarily used to change the colors of an illustration or text.

• When to perform

  • When you want to replace a certain CMYK color in the original with a different CMYK color

•Intended Environment

Operating system

Windows 7


Color Centro 2.1 / Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Image Controller

Image Controller IC-604

Printer driver

PS Plug-in driver

* The sample screen may be different from the actual display depending on your system environment and application version/revision.


  • Sample B (B_sample.pdf)

  • Provided in the "/contents/sample/" folder on the User's Guide CD supplied with this machine.


Registering an Alternative Color with Color Centro

Applying Alternative Colors for Printing Using the Printer Driver


  • The specified original colors are all replaced by their corresponding predefined alternative colors. Check that the texts, graphics, or images that you want to print in their original colors do not include the colors specified to be replaced by alternative colors.

  • To reproduce stable colors, in addition to regular calibration, make other pre-output image quality adjustments as necessary, such as when changing screens or papers or when hue is important. For details, refer to Image quality adjustment using image controller.

Registering an Alternative Color with Color Centro

Start Color Centro, and create and save an alternative color.

  1. Start Color Centro and log in to the machine. (Refer to Start Color Centro.)

    The Color Centro top screen is displayed.

  2. Click Alternative Color Management on the top screen.

    The Alternative Color Management screen is displayed.

  3. Click Table.

    The Alternative Color Table Management screen is displayed.

  4. Select a table, and then click Open.

    Alternative colors are displayed on the Alternative Color Management screen.

  5. Click the CMYK tab, and then click New.

  6. Set the color values for Original and After Adjustment under Adjust, and click Register.

    The colors being set are displayed under Adjust. Color in Original indicates the source CMYK color while the color in After Adjustment indicates the alternative color.





    C = 100 / M = 95 / Y = 0 / K = 30

    After Adjustment

    M = 100 / Y = 100 (red)

    • supplementary explanationSelect Large/Small under Tolerance to switch between the RGB color range (indefinite or strict) of the original color.
      In the Sample B example, selecting Large affects the adjacent navy colors as well as the relevant patch second from the right in the bottom row. If Small is selected, only the selected patch changes color.

  7. After checking that the alternative color is registered, close the screen by selecting Close from the File menu.

Applying Alternative Colors for Printing Using the Printer Driver

You can apply the registered alternative colors for printing.

  1. Open the original data with the application, and then click Print on the File menu.

    Example: Sample B (B_sample.pdf) is used.

  2. Select the printer to use for printing and click Properties.

  3. Click the Management tab, and then click Manual Settings.

    • supplementary explanationIf the Management tab is not displayed, click   to switch the tab display.

  4. Click Optional Settings, then select Image Controller Default in Alternative Color Table. Click OK.

  5. On the Print screen, enter the Copies and click Print. After printing, check the results.

    Check that the specified original CMYK color has been replaced by the corresponding alternative color.

    Example: The color changes from navy to red.

    • supplementary explanationIt is recommended that frequently used color output settings be registered in the color configuration. (Refer to Registering the Color Configuration.)