FD-Mag. Auto Adjustment

Automatically adjust the magnification in paper feed direction when scanning on the ADF.

  1. Press Adjustment on the MACHINE screen to display the Adjustment Menu screen.

  2. Press ADF Adjustment and FD-Mag. Auto Adjustment in sequence.

  3. Place the test chart on the ADF tray, and press Start.

    • supplementary explanationFace the test chart surface upward and place it in the ADF tray.

  4. Automatic adjustment is performed, and its result is displayed.

    • supplementary explanationIf it ends successfully, Adjustment Result indicates OK. If it ends abnormally, NG is displayed. Adjust it using the FD-Mag. Adjustment.

  5. Make sure that the adjustment result is OK, and press Set.

    • supplementary explanationThe Magnification Adj.(%) value is reflected on Current Data.

  6. Press Return.

    The screen returns to the ADF Adjustment Menu screen.