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Staple Paper Width Adj.: Adjusting the Width of Exit Guides to be Used in Staple Mode

Adjust the width of the exit guides of Saddle Stitcher SD-506 to be used in Staple mode to reduce misalignment and skew in paper.

Objects of Adjustment: Offset for All Size, SRA3 , A3 , B4 , SRA4 , A4 , B5 , 12 18 , 11 17 , 8.5 14 , 8.5 11 , 8.125 13.25 , 8.5 13 , 8.25 13 , 8 13 , 8K , 16K , Custom (380 - 463 mm), Custom (257 - 379 mm)

  • If a numeric value is specified for [Offset for All Size], it is applied to all paper sizes. With a specific paper size selected,the set value becomes the sum of the entered value and the value previously specified for [Offset for All Size].

  1. Press [Adjustment] on the [MACHINE] screen to display the [Adjustment Menu] screen.

  2. Press [Finisher Adjustment], [Saddle Stitcher Adjustment], and [Staple Paper Width Adj.] in sequence.

  3. Select the size to be adjusted using [] or [].

  4. Press [Print Mode].

  5. Load the paper with the size to be adjusted, then select that tray.

  6. Press Start on the control panel.

    A sample pattern will be output.

    • Without the saddle stitcher tray withdrawn, the machine does not start printing even if Start on the control panel is pressed. Be sure to withdraw the saddle stitcher tray.

  7. Check if the stapled set shows misalignment (a) (caused if specified paper width is larger than the actual width), or is curved (b) (caused if specified paper width is smaller than the actual width).

    Allowance: a = 1 mm or less

  8. If any adjustment is required, press [Exit PrintMode] to return to the [Staple Paper Width Adjustment] screen.

  9. Use the touch panel keypad to enter the set value.

    • Use [+/-] to specify the value to be positive or negative.

    • Press [Set] to change the current value.

    • Adjustment Range: -20 ([To reduce the dispersion]) to +20 ([To reduce the distortion]) (1 step = 0.1 mm)

    • Staple Paper Width Adjustment is subject to the following conditions depending on the actual paper width. For paper sizes of less than 222 mm in actual width, such as A4 , the staple pitch is set to 91 mm automatically even if an adjustment value to make it 91 mm or less is entered.

    Actual paper width

    Minimum value

    Maximum value

    Less than 222 mm

    91 mm

    Actual width minus 91 mm

    222 mm to 290 mm

    Not limited

    Not limited

    More than 290 mm

    Not limited

    165 mm

  10. Repeat steps 4 to 9 until the desired result is obtained.

  11. Press [Return].

    The screen returns to the [Saddle Stitcher Pos. Adj. Menu] screen.