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Applying the Saved Tone Curve When Printing

You can apply the saved tone curve when printing.

  1. Open the original data with the application, and then click [Print] on the [File] menu.

    Example: Sample B (B_sample.pdf) is used.

  2. Select the printer to use for printing and click [Properties].

  3. Select [Default Settings] for [Favorite Setting] and click [Load].

    Before setting the tone curve, restore the default setting.

  4. Click the [Management] tab, and then click [Acquire Color Management Data].

    When the color management data is acquired, a green checkmark is displayed.

    • If the [Management] tab is not displayed, click  to switch the tab display.

    • If the color management data could not be acquired, a red mark is displayed. Check if an optional paper tray is correctly mounted.

  5. Click [Optional Settings] and clear [Use Default Setting of Selected Color Configuration].

    • If [Use Default Setting of Selected Color Configuration] under [Optional Settings] is checked, remove the check. If this is checked, tone curve cannot be selected.

  6. Under [Tone Curve], select the tone curve you want to apply and click [OK].

    You can set different tone curves for [Image] and [Text/Graphics].

    Example: "Sample-Curve" is selected.

    • A warning symbol  is displayed when you set a tone curve. This is because it is different from the controller's current default setting. Proceed by clicking [OK].

  7. On the [Print] screen, enter the [Copies] and click [OK].

    The original is printed using the applied tone curve.