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Registering Spot Color Information with Color Centro

Start Color Centro, and create and save a spot color.

  1. Start Color Centro and log in to the machine. ( Refer to Start Color Centro.)

    The Color Centro launcher screen is displayed.

  2. Click [Spot Color] on the launcher screen.

    The [Spot Color] screen is displayed.

  3. Select [New Table] from the [File] menu, and then click [New].

    The new creation screen is displayed.

  4. Enter the name of the spot color you want to create, and click [OK].

    Example: The spot color is named "Sample Color."

    The added spot color name is displayed on the [Spot Color] screen.

  5. Set the spot color's CMYK value and click [Save].

    The colors being adjusted are displayed in the [After Adjustment] column.

    Example: The spot color's CMYK value is set to "C100%."







    The Spot Color Table [Save] screen is displayed.

  6. Enter the name of the spot color table in which you want to save the spot color.

    Example: The name of the spot color table is "Sample Table."

    • The default spot color table has an asterisk (*) at the end of its name.

    • If you edit and save the default spot color table, it is saved with a name without the asterisk.

    • You can save multiple spot color tables with the same name.

    • When printing, the spot color tables are searched from the top of the table on the [Spot Color] screen. If the same spot color is saved in more than one spot color table, the first spot color found is applied.

  7. Select [Controller] as the [Destination Folder] and click [Save].

    Selecting [Controller] saves the spot color to the image controller.

  8. After checking that the spot color is saved, close the screen by selecting [Close] from the [File] menu.