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Loading and Registering the Paper (Coated GL)

Load the papers in a tray and register them before performing calibration. (Refer to Basic Replenishing of Paper.)

  1. Load paper into the tray.

    Example: "Coated GL (A3) 128 g/m2 / 33 lb Bond" is loaded in Tray 1.

  2. On the touch panel of the main body, press [Paper Setting] on the [MACHINE] screen.

    You can also press [Paper Setting] on the [COPY] screen to display the same screen.

  3. Select the tray in which the papers are loaded and press [Change Set].

    Example: Tray 1 is selected.

  4. On the [Change IndividualSet] screen, press [Weight].

  5. Select the applicable paper weight from the [Weight Setting] menu on the right side of the screen.

    Example: [(6) 106-135g/m2] / [(6) 29-36 lb Bond] is selected.

  6. Press [Paper Type]. Select the paper type and press [OK].

    Example: [Coated-GL] is selected.

  7. Press [Close].