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Registering an Alternative Color with Color Centro

Start Color Centro, and create and save an alternative color.

  1. Start Color Centro and log in to the machine. ( Refer to Start Color Centro.)

    The Color Centro launcher screen is displayed.

  2. Click [Alternative Color] on the launcher screen.

    The [Alternative Color Management] screen is displayed.

  3. Click the [RGB] tab, and then click [New].

  4. Set the color values for [Original] and [After Adjustment] under [Adjust], and click [Register].

    The colors being set are displayed under [Adjust]. Color in [Original] indicates the source RGB color while the color in [After Adjustment] indicates the alternative color.





    R = 0 / G = 130 / B = 205

    [After Adjustment]

    M = 100 / Y = 100 (red)

    • Select [Large]/[Small] under [Tolerance] to switch between the RGB color range (indefinite or strict) of the original color. In the Sample B example, selecting [Large] affects the adjacent blue colors as well as the relevant patch second from the left in the bottom row. If [Small] is selected, only the selected patch changes color.

  5. After checking that the alternative color is registered, close the screen by selecting [Close] from the [File] menu.