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[Send E-mail]

[Off], [On Error], [Always]

Set this to send an E-mail to a specified address after completing a print job.

[Print Mode]

[Print], [Spool], [Hold], [Print and Hold], [Form]

Set a print method.

When [Normal Print] is selected, the print job is printed without it being saved in an HDD.

When [Spool] is selected, the print job is saved in the HDD in the machine temporarily, and then printed.

It can prevent the intermittent printing that may be observed when printing jobs with a lot of pictures, etc.

If you select [Form], you can save an image file to the image controller and use it as a background from the [Form] tab for this driver.

For details about [Form], refer to Form.

For details about [Save] and [Save/Print], refer to Saving a Print Job to HDD (PS Plug-in Driver).

[Secure Print]

Password, Again

Job is saved in the Hold Job of the machine.

To print the job, you need to input the password on the touch panel on the main body.

Enter a password from 1 to 8 alphanumeric characters.

For details about the [Secure Print], refer to Secure Print.

[File Name]


Enter a name if you want to specify a name other than the file name of the original.