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Tray Settings




[Acquire Tray and Paper Data]


Acquire the paper tray information set and the paper profile information defined in this machine.

  • When is displayed at the right of [Acquire Tray and Paper Data], the tray and paper information has been acquired.

[Paper Tray]

[Automatically Select], Tray 1 to 9

Select a paper tray to be used.

Selectable items vary depending on the mounted optional device.


[Plain], [Color Specific], [Fine], [Coated-GLL], [Coated-ML], [Coated-GO], [Coated-MO]

Set a paper type.


[No Setting],












Set paper weight of print paper.

(When the [Weight Unit] is [g/m2])

[Weight Unit]

[g/m2], [Duodecimo], [Octavo], [Bond], [Index], [Cover]

Set a unit of weight.

[Colored Paper]

[White], [Blue], [Goldenrod], [Gray], [Green], [Ivory], [Orange], [Pink], [Red], [Yellow], [Cream], [Others], [User Color]

Specify color of print paper.

[Color Name]


Specify the name of the user color.


Off, On

Set this to print on pre-punched paper.

Paper Profile




[Paper Profile]

[Unspecified], Registered paper profile

Select predefined paper profile.

You can add a new paper profile to the list from the touch panel on the machine.

[Use the Selected Profile]


Use a selected paper profile.

[Register the Selected as Custom Size]


Register a custom paper size.