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[Page No.]


Specify a page to insert a tab.

To apply the setting, click [Update].

[Current Page]


Change the page for the selected tab.

[Print Mode]

[Print on Tab], [Print on Body]

Specify whether to print on tab or body.


[Off], [Before], [After]

Specify whether to insert a blank tab before or after the page.



Specify a number of blank tabs to insert.


[Tab 1], [Tab 2]

Specify the tab type.

[Tab Position]

[Auto], 1/1 to 15/15

Specify the tab position.

Set the total number of tabs in [Title Setting].

[Text Color]

[Black], [Silver], [Gray], [Maroon], [Red], [Purple], [Magenta], [Green], [Lime], [Olive], [Yellow], [Navy], [Blue], [Teal], [Cyan]

Set color of a text on a tab.

[Text on Tab]


Input a text on a tab.