Adjusting the tone curve with Color Centro

Start Color Centro, and adjust the tone curve.

  1. Start Color Centro and log in to the machine. (Refer to Start Color Centro.)

    The Color Centro top screen is displayed.

  2. Click Tone Curve Adjustment on the top screen.

    The Tone Curve Adjustment screen is displayed.

  3. Click Select Sample.

  4. Press Hold Job.

  5. Select the file name for the temporarily saved job and click OK.

    When Hold Job is selected, the jobs temporarily saved on the HDD are displayed in a list.

    The selected image is loaded to the Tone Curve Adjustment screen, and the sample image is displayed.

  6. Click Adjust Each Color, and then select C/M/Y/K for Combination.

    • supplementary explanationTo adjust brightness and/or contrast, click Brightness/Contrast.

  7. Under Adjustment, select the radio buttons of the colors that you want to adjust (C/M/Y/K). Click on the tone curve and drag the displayed handle (operating point) to adjust the tone curve.

    Make the adjustment while checking the sample images under Before Adjustment and After Adjustment.

    • supplementary explanationTo change the displayed part of the image, move the scroll bar.

    • supplementary explanationYou can use the buttons under the sample images to turn the images 90 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise, and to zoom in and out the images.

    • supplementary explanationTo make an image brighter (to make colors lighter), make the curve more concave.

    • supplementary explanationTo make an image darker (to make colors deeper), make the curve more convex.

    • supplementary explanationTo raise the contrast (to make darker colors darker and lighter colors lighter for enhanced sharpness), make an S-shaped curve.

    • supplementary explanationTo lower the contrast (to make darker colors lighter and lighter colors darker for more even expression), make a reverse S-shaped curve.

  8. After making the adjustment, click Save.

  9. Enter the name of the adjusted tone curve. Select Controller as the Destination Folder and click Save.

    Selecting Controller saves the spot color to the image controller.

    Example: The tone curve is saved with the name "Sample-Curve."

  10. When the Save complete message is displayed, click OK.

  11. Close the screen by selecting Close from the File menu.