Creating a Profile: Touch Panel

To use this function, install Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501.

  1. Press Controller.

  2. Press Color management.

  3. Press Printer Profile.

  4. Press Change of Paper Tray Setting, and then select a tray.

    To appropriately print a chart, select a tray that has an appropriate size of paper.

  5. Press Change of Screen Type, and then select a screen.

  6. Press Change of Printer Profile Name, and then create a name of a profile.

    • supplementary explanationTo change the level of UCR and GCR, press Change of UCR/GCR.

    • supplementary explanationTo make a note, press Change of Memo.

  7. Press Execute.

    • supplementary explanationIf a printer profile that has the same name is already registered, a message is displayed. To overwrite the registered printer profile, press OK. To rename your profile, press Cancel.

    • supplementary explanationIf the number of registered profiles exceeds the maximum, a message is displayed. Delete unnecessary printer profiles.

    A chart is printed.

    When processing is completed, a message is displayed.

  8. Press Close.

    Press OK.