Gamma Automatic Adj.

Performing Gamma Automatic Adj.

This automatically adjusts the color reproducibility of the whole paper to be output.

• Image quality adjustment flow and the position of this adjustment

  • In the pre-output image quality adjustment flow, this adjustment is positioned shown below.

  • Perform the previous adjustment before proceeding with this adjustment.

  • When Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501 is mounted on the machine, this adjustment is positioned in the same way as the above.

  • To not continuously perform the series of adjustment of the image quality adjustment flow, perform the gamma automatic adjustment, and then resume from the next adjustment.

Image quality adjustment flow

Position of this adjustment

Previous adjustment

This adjustment

Next adjustment

Adjustment flow when changing the screen

Screen selection

This adjustment

Density Balance Adjustment

Regular adjustment flow: Normal

- (None)

Regular adjustment flow: High Precision

- (None)

This adjustment

Maximum Density Adjustment

  1. On the touch panel of the main body, press Adjustment on the MACHINE screen.

    The Adjustment Menu is displayed.

  2. Press Execute Adjust Operation on the Adjustment Menu screen.

  3. Press Gamma Automatic Adj. and press OK.

  4. Press Exit [ADJUSTMENT].

    Wait until the message Now adjusting disappears.