About G7 Calibration

In addition to the regular controller calibration (refer to About Controller Calibration), measure the accuracy and check the Gray Step (gray balance) measurement result as necessary. Based on the values for gray color standard state, execute the advanced controller calibration (G7) as necessary.

The following two methods are available to perform G7 Calibration.

  • Manual adjustment by using Color Centro

  • Automatic adjustment by using the touch panel

• Meaning and Purpose of Advanced Controller Calibration

While the regular controller calibration (refer to About Controller Calibration) adjusts the output density of C, M, Y, and K colors, the advanced controller calibration uses primary colors (C, M, Y, and K) as a one-dimensional curve and adjusts gray balance for enhanced color reproduction accuracy. For details, refer to Overview of Calibration.

Exact Color is the default setting in Color Centro. When Color Centro is set to Exact Color, G7 calibration cannot be added and used side-by-side. When you want to change Exact Color to G7 calibration, contact your service representative.

•When to perform

  • Any time (If the accuracy measurement result presented a greater ΔCh value (saturation difference), etc. than the preferred value)